August 30, 2021

Join the UofU Film Production Club

Want to get more involved in your campus film community? Become a member of the U's Film Production Club.

Welcoming all film and non-film majors, FPC's goal is to bring together a community of film enthusiasts to discuss, learn, network, and make films! 

Events & Activities you can become a part of:

  1. Various filmmaking workshops
  2. Presentations by guest speakers from the industry
  3. A script competition each fall & spring semester
  4. at least on student narrative production each semester.

From Salvatore Mele, the club's public outreach officer: "As a club, it means a lot to us to get students involved so they have a sense of community in this fast-paced competitive industry. Throughout each semester we will work on workshops, productions and have guests come to help students improve on their film production skills and build their experience so they feel ready for the real world when they graduate. We care a lot about our students and we feel that it is very important for them to have a support system which we can provide!" 

You can contact the FPC at  and follow them on instagram @utah.fpc.