February 22, 2017

Paid Internship – MUSE program with PEAK Fitness

PEAK Health and Fitness provides health and fitness testing, U employee fitness classes, community police and firefighter testing, and manage various other community centered programs. Our staff members are undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Health. As such, our expertise surrounding marketing, videography, and film production is minimal. PEAK would like to work with an intern to create 2-4 short promotional films to feature on our website.

($10/hour for up to 250 hours)

Duties may include (Expectations)

  • Interview PEAK fitness class participants to capture details about their journey
  • Videotape interviewed participants and other participants in fitness classes
  • Create a short promotional piece on PEAK employee fitness classes
  • Interview participants in other active programs to capture details
  • Videotape interviewed participants and others involved participating in the activity
  • Create a short promotional piece on other active programs happening during internship

As part of the MUSE Internship Program, interns are required to meet the following expectations:

  • Complete the online Intern Pre-Survey by TBA
  • Attend the MUSE Opening Social on January 19, 2017 from 12:30-1PM
  • Attend the MUSE Closing Social on TBA
  • Complete the online Intern Post-Survey by TBA

Schedule ‐5-10 hours per week

Desired Qualifications

  • Demonstrated interest in health and fitness
  • Willingness and ability to take on some scheduling of participant interviews
  • Ability to work both independently and as a member of a team
  • Demonstrated experience in film production

Britta F. Trepp, M.S., ACSM CEP
Associate Director, PEAK Health and Fitness
Manager, Build a Bone
University of Utah Wellness