Assist our producers in handling all aspects of video production for Kids Fun TV, including pre-production, production, and post-production stages of filming YouTube video skits, challenges, and branded content. Job duties specifically entail responsibility for or aiding the owners in:

Pre-Production: Related concept research, creative concepting, outlining, scouting sites, script writing or oversight, order/create costumes, set building, etc. Set up for film day: set, props, lights, camera, other equipment, green screen, costumes, scripts, blocking, scheduling, etc.
Production: Assistant directing, Camera operation, grip, runner, script management, other
Post Production: Set breakdown, transferring footage to appropriate drives, editing, thumbnail creation, prep for upload. Creating social media stories, reels, posts, other
Other needs: Social Media assistance, graphic design
Kids Fun TV is looking for candidates that are creative, eager to learn, teachable and interested in the kids and family space on YouTube. Experience in production, film, and specific software are an advantage but do not necessarily trump creative talent.

Desirable Skill Sets:

Final Cut Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Camera operator experience
Lightning experience
Green screen experience
Basic Editing
Other Tasks/ Channel Needs:

Aid in social media growth on multiple platforms:
Fb, IG, Tik Tok, Cameo, Twitter, Roku, Amazon Prime
Aid in keyword research, trends, algorithmic processes
Aid in the growth and production of videos for individual kids channels

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