Collaborative student short film. A novella social media series, A prequel fan series inspired by Twilight. Unofficial.

Story's setting takes place in 1640's, London.

(Carlisle) MALE; Pastor's son, can pass for late 20's - early 30's. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and slim.

(Abraham) MALE; Pastor, can pass for late 50's - grey/white hair, stocky build.

(Pontius) MALE; Nomadic Vampire, in his 20's. Grizzly looking.

(Joan) FEMALE; can pass for early twenties, appears in flashback. Pastors wife who dies in childbirth.

(Young Esme) FEMALE; can pass for 17 yrs old. Snow White features.

(Esme) FEMALE; can pass for mid twenties. Carmel hair, soft features.

Still in early process of production, filming most likely will not take place until December of 2022 or January of 2023, in and around Salt Lake & Northern Utah County. More rounds of casting will take place.

Please send reel (if available) and headshots to
If interested sides will be sent back for a self tape audition.


Mckaiden Carruth
Salt Lake City
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