Entertainment Arts & Engineering Emphasis

The Department of Film & Media Arts offers a transcript emphasis in Entertainment Arts and Engineering. The EAE emphasis is a joint effort of the School of Computing and the Department of Film & Media Arts. The purpose of this emphasis is to provide undergraduates an interdisciplinary academic path toward careers in the digital entertainment industry with experience in both computer science and the arts.

The key feature of the EAE emphasis is its interdisciplinary nature. Students from both CS and Film & Media Arts will take common classes throughout their undergraduate years, culminating in a year-long senior project where teams of students from both disciplines will build an interactive media project including elements drawn from gaming and animation.

Students in the emphasis must actively pursue either a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. The courses listed below are for the Film & Media Arts B.A. with a transcript emphasis in EAE. When you complete your B.A. your college transcripts will declare your participation in, and completion of, the EAE emphasis.

The EAE emphasis is a Film & Media Arts degree. All requirements of the general Film & Media Arts degree must be met and you should review those requirements. Computer Science and Art courses taken for the EAE focus will be counted towards your allied hours requirement.

Students are encouraged to speak to an academic advisor regularly during their academic careers. To make an appointment with the advisor please visit the College of Fine Arts Academic Advisors page.

Sample Curriculum:

pdf2017-2018 BA with Entertainment Arts & Engineering Emphasis

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