Departmental Internship Program

** Please note, students who have already secured an internship should not complete the departmental application but the independent internship application found on the resources and forms page of the Film & Media Arts website.

What is an Internship?

An internship is both an experience in itself and practice for the job search. It offers many valuable experiences:

  • Apply skills learned in the classroom in a professional setting.
  • Test career options to help clarify and refine career objectives and goals.
  • Begin to 
develop competencies (skills and knowledge) specific to a career or environment.
  • Develop skills necessary for any work environment, including communication, writing, 
interpersonal connections, teamwork, time management, and goal setting.
  • Explore skills and interests you didn’t know you had.
  • Build skills necessary for a job search, including search strategies, resume writing and 
  • Start to build a network of professional contacts. 
Many graduates often face an uncertain job market with few leads and no clear career path. An internship can help you make valuable contacts and distinguish among different job opportunities that can lead to thoughtful career decision making.

Qualifying for an Internship

Official internships in the Film and Media Arts Department are by application.

Selection will be competitive. Application for an internship does not guarantee one will be available.

Because the number of professional internships are limited in any given year, students applying must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a junior, senior or graduate student.
  • Have a “B” average in all Film and Media Arts courses in the last two semesters.
  • Students who have completed FILM 3500 (Film Production 1) or FILM 3510 (Intro to Media Arts Production), with a “B” grade or higher will be given preference.

Professional internships reflect on both the student and on the Film and Media Arts Department. Internships with production companies, or on productions filming in the state are not easily obtained, therefore the highest standards of professionalism are expected of our students. This means:

  • Being absolutely reliable. When a student commits to an internship, it is expected that they will show up on time, and stay on set or at task until released by their supervisor.
  • At the beginning of the internship, schedules and clear expectations should be agreed upon by the student, the production company, and the department internship coordinator.
  • Be pro-active in doing the work assigned. Every effort will be made by the department to schedule meaningful internships, however on occasion work may be required that seems menial. It is expected the student will do whatever is asked, with a positive attitude and thoroughly.
  • Often, interns or production assistants (PAs) are being tested for future job opportunities.

The department reserves the right to cancel a student’s internship if the student show insufficient commitment to the work assigned. If problems do arise, the student should contact the department internship coordinator immediately.

Credit and Completing an Internship

  • Independent study credit will be available. A form is available on the department website.
  • A maximum of 12 credit hours are available. Credit hours for a particular internship will be awarded based on the nature of the internship, and the number of hours the student can work.
  • Each student will be given an “exit interview” by the internship coordinator upon completion of the internship.
  • A representative of the host company/production must sign-off on the successful completion of the internship.

Applying for an Internship

pdfDownload and complete an application form.

Write a letter to the department internship coordinator:

  • Outline your career objectives,
  • Describing in detail your skills (e.g., “proficient on Final Cut, version X,” etc.).
  • How many hours a week are you available?
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty member. To be emailed to internship coordinator directly (see below).
  • If you have one, include a link to a reel of your work samples.
  • Attach a resume to the application.

If you have questions, contact Sterling Van Wagenen at .